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stm32plus – index of posts


Get the latest release, and all historical releases from my downloads page.

Version Date Release notes
1.2.0 5 September 2012 Click here
1.1.4 18 July 2012 Click here
1.1.3 9 April 2012 Click here
1.1.2 12 Mar 2012 Click here
1.1.1 18 Feb 2012 Click here
1.1.0 8 Jan 2012 Click here
1.0.1 30 Dec 2011 Click here
1.0.0 28 Dec 2011 First release

Blog posts

Title Summary
Introduction and overview What it’s about, how to get it, how to build it and a first example project.

Example code

All examples are included with the stm32plus package. The examples have an accompanying blog post that describes what they do.

Example Function Key features
Blink Blink an LED at 1000Hz. MillisecondTimer, GpioPort.
HX8347A TFT driver Control the Himax 8347A FSMC, HX8347A, GraphicsLibrary, Gamma control
ILI9325 TFT driver Control the Ilitek 9325 FSMC, ILI9325, GraphicsLibrary, Gamma control
ADS7843 touch screen driver Interact with the ADS7843 ADS7843, SPI, FSMC, ILI9325
Digital photoframe application Display an interactive sequence of photographs on a TFT. FSMC, ILI9325, FAT32, SDIO, Animation
FAT16/FAT32 drivers How to use the stm32plus file system drivers. SDIO, FAT16, FAT32
ILI9481 TFT driver Control the Ilitek 9481 FSMC, ILI9481, GraphicsLibrary, Gamma control
ILI9327 TFT driver Control the Ilitek 9327 FSMC, ILI9327, GraphicsLibrary, Gamma control