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A very warm welcome to my website and blog. My name is Andy Brown and in my spare time from being a professional technical architect and developer I enjoy photography and fiddling with microcontrollers and electronics.

Here you will find write-ups of all the interesting things that pass through my workshop, both hardware and software. As I resolve issues and fix problems I will write them up here in the hope that you can make use of them yourself.

Programming microcontrollers does attract a lot of students and other people who are new to programming. I certainly remember in the dim and very distant past back in the 1980s when I was starting programming that I could use all the help that I could get, so now nearly 30 years later I’m more than happy to help those that are new to the discipline wherever I can.

Feel free to visit my photography website if you have a few spare minutes. I specialise in bird photography and quite a few of my projects will be geared towards making that task easier. If motorsport and steam railways are more your taste then do take a look at my father’s website. Maybe you can see where I get it from!