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Nokia 6270 LCD and Arduino Uno

Started by Василий Пупки, March 01, 2015, 07:31:46 am

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Василий Пупки

March 01, 2015, 07:31:46 am Last Edit: March 01, 2015, 07:53:14 am by Василий Пупкин
Hi, I'm trying to get to work nokia 6270 display with Arduino Uno (Atmega328p). I use manual for 6300 and Arduino Uno:

I connected  the display in accordance with the scheme:

| Function | LCD pin | Uno pin |

Pinout of connector I found here:

Then I installed library for Arduino Mega from here (for use with Arduino Uno):

I opened example project "xmemtft-->AllPenels-->Line".
I replaced the code:
//typedef Nokia6300_Landscape_262K TftPanel;
typedef Nokia6300_Landscape_262K_Gpio TftPanel;

to compile for Arduino Uno.

When Arduino start, TX Led lights on Arduino board.

LCD does not respond.

In the wiring diagram LED_1 is connected to LED_2+, and the backlight power is supplied to LED_1+ and LED_2-. My backlights work if I connect power to LED_1 and LED_1+ or LED_2 and LED_2+.

May be someone already worked with this display and knows how to make him work?
may be initializing doing differently?

Andy Brown

Hi, my project is for the Nokia 6300 LCD. Have you obtained the service manual for the 6270 and verified that the pinout is identical to the 6300?

- Andy
It's worse than that, it's physics Jim!

Василий Пупки

May be I'm stupid, but I can't find display connector on nokia 6270 schematics.
In schematics I found that the signals on the display go through the filter, then to board to board connector and then to RAPGSM. Where Display connector??
I looked schematics other phones, including 6300, they have a schematic of the display connector.

Andy Brown

The signals are there on "X2400" a 40-pin board-to-board connector. This is a slide phone. It's different to all the others I've looked at because it has two main boards that will be connected together by the board-to-board connectors and some flex cable. The usual 24-pin JST connector that they use is not present in the schematic you've posted.
It's worse than that, it's physics Jim!

Василий Пупки

Yes, 24-pin JST connector is not present in the schematic, but on phone board I see him, and display has him.
I called display to search ground, and the ground is on the same pins as the connector for 6300. So I decided that the connectors are compatible, I may be wrong.
I will buy a suitable display and continue to develop devices with it.
Thanks for the help!