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June 17, 2024, 02:18:30 am


SMF - Just Installed!

HP Z440 12 pin Memory connector

Started by Roy, January 27, 2018, 02:39:38 am

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I have 1 and a half running systems.
During the first switch on was the same problem like Z440 Mobo,
no screen , boot precedure stopped with memory error.

But the A99-a has a very nice manual and I was able to make
a bios update.... The system runs stabil. I was happy to use my
reg ECC DDR4 2400 RAM. Installing Windows 10 64 bit with USB-Stick
where without complications with the ssd corsair MP500 240 GB.

Motherboard Asus A99-a
Intel Xeon e5-1620 v4
Cpu fan noctua 14cm
Ram Kingston reg ecc KTH-PL424 2 x 8 GB
Corsair MP500 240 GB SSD with adapter for m.2 scsi
Monitor lg 43ud79-b
Pny quadro p1000
Power supply atx 550W
ATX Tower (old)

half system for selling or storage:
Power supply for z440 tested could not find any mistakes
Motherboard Z440 (no idea to flash the bios because no manual)
adapter for ssd
Tower Z600 (empty)
Adapter for Z420 Mobo 24 pin to 18 pin
2 connectors 12 pin

Thank´s all for the interest. Excuse me for not supporting you in reading
the power supply ID, I don´t know how.


Dear hen6e

don´t use your fan (6 pin) without changing the connections pin 5 and 6 and 1.

You could kill the mobo, I had it 5 min switched on and it was very "warm" in the near of the fan.


I have made a breakout board pcb for my  psu  DPS-800 gba .Once I have progress ,I will share it with you.


Thank you  for your advices about  the fan  connector. Maybe we have different definition of the first pin .May be we just counted from opposite side.


Hi Roy.
You said that you met a ram error,maybe you didn't insert the dimm in a correct slot.
from a pdf file the memory load order is as shown.


Thank you for the idea, hp forum say in this case (no screen a after boot) make bios update via usb. I had no success. Could a change of bios possible, 10 pound from China.



I have used my z440 board for quite long time.I have resolve the post error om start.


The other day I unplugged my GP and the USB charging connector came out  Is this a repairable item? Is there a way to by-pass the missing connector and charge the battery another way??




Quote from: hen6e on February 13, 2018, 07:04:53 pmAs I have learnt, the p1 connector pinout should be as shown,but I need your confirm.
The 10、1 Pin is output for 5V equipment like sata from VRMs on the motherboard.
The 16 pin is a POWER_GOOD signal,which trun to HIGH when the PSU finish startting period.
The 17 pin is a 5v stand_by voltage which is different from z420's 11V.
The 18 pin is a negative 12V input for RS232.
The 8 pin is PS_on,connect this pin to groung will trun on the PSU.
The 9 pin PSU_ID tells the motherboard which psu is installed ,it is different from standard ATX psu.
If you have oscilloscope or logic analyzer, please capture the waveform of PSU_ID.
Thank you!

I come from China
24pin -> 18pin
Is this correct?