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May 18, 2024, 01:14:15 am


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HP Z440 12 pin Memory connector

Started by Roy, January 27, 2018, 02:39:38 am

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Hi I am Roy from Berlin.

I try to find the pinout for the p2 connector, p1 ist the 18 pin connector for Main Board power,
P2 is the 12 in cpu0 memory connector. I have ordered the Adapter atx- 18 pin, but I can't find the right thing p2 connector. I bought a 12 pin cable with the right connector, but I need the pin out. There was a project with a hp z800, but the p2 connector is different, only 10 pins.

Thank you


I have bought a power supply for z440 and I will make a measure.

some pictures in attechement



I just bought this board a few days ago.By measuring the impedance of pins from the connector , I guess the pinout is as shown in the attachment.But I cannot confirm that.So, your measurement will be the final result.
Finally, Can you share the pinout of  24pin-to-18pin adaptor?



Excuse for late reply, I was on holiday trip.

Thank you for the pinout you are right, I have checked it with the cables of the original power supply. For the 18 pin connector I cannot find out the pinout on this way, but I think it is the same like for older version z620 z820. It is possible to by adapter for low price (company adaptere).

The next problem is the cpu fan, 6 pin ! My fan has only 4 pin.


I have attached pictures from the power supply.

P2 Connector

upper row
green green white white orange orange 
   1       2        3      4        5         6
down row 1-4 connected together in one point grnd connected together in second point (all black)

see attached pictures

green V12-CPU2
white V12-CPU0
orange V12-M

I have found only this adapter, but long time delivery



May be I found the answer for the cpu fan 6 pin connector?

Could be the same like z800, found in mobohack z800


Thank you Roy.
I think the 6-pin fan's pinout  is connecting 6.5.1 together as groung, other pins are like generic 4-pin fan.
Because of Chinese Spring Festival I can't test it in about 10 days.
We can communicate with each other with a instant messaging software.
As for power supply I want to use a server psu DPS-800GBA so I don't want to use that adapter although that seller is close to me.
Thank you for your pinout again.
Here is a photo of the orignal fan from Taobao.


Thanks a lot,

I have tested the P1 , it is total different to z420... I could not find any 11 V and there is a special problem for the 5V - only one cable, the motherboard decided, "now I give 5V free for using".

The boot process stopped by switching on the cpufan, no voltage on USB for making bios update and no signal to the nvidia p1000 graphic card.

I will check the connection of 6.5.1 and try it again. I hope, the mainboard is not defect. I am angry because of chassi ID or other blocking ideas of HP engineers.

I am able to give you the pinout of P1 but some pins are going directly to sata...


As I have learnt, the p1 connector pinout should be as shown,but I need your confirm.
The 10、1 Pin is output for 5V equipment like sata from VRMs on the motherboard.
The 16 pin is a POWER_GOOD signal,which trun to HIGH when the PSU finish startting period.
The 17 pin is a 5v stand_by voltage which is different from z420's 11V.
The 18 pin is a negative 12V input for RS232.
The 8 pin is PS_on,connect this pin to groung will trun on the PSU.
The 9 pin PSU_ID tells the motherboard which psu is installed ,it is different from standard ATX psu.
If you have oscilloscope or logic analyzer, please capture the waveform of PSU_ID.
Thank you!


I am not sure if the connection of 651 of fan connector is right.

Your pin descriptions could be right, but I am not able to organize a oscillograph.
This 11V pin (old) is z440 the only one connection to the power supply with 5 V.

I will change the mainboard because of defect. That's why I have a power supply for z440 available for 145 GBP + delivery costs, sombody interesting in buying?


Do you  use  reg  ecc  ddr4  memory? It  seems that only this kind ram can be used on  the board .


I try to build a working place for autocad and 3d studio max.

My first idea

Motherboard z440
Intel Xeon e5-1620 v4
Cpu fan noctua
Ram Kingston reg ecc KTH-PL424 2 x 8 GB (one bank1 one bank 8)
Corsair MP500 240 GB SSD with adapter for m.2 scsi
Monitor lg 43ud79-b
Pny quadro p1000
Power supply atx with adapter

First change (because of don't found the right adapter)
Power supply for z440

Second change
Motherboard asus x99-a
Power supply atx
No adapter for ssd

I hope next week I will be ready for work.


Cpu fan 6-pin connector

If pin 5 would be RPM for second fan
If pin 6 would be PWM for second fan

It would be not the best idea to connect with pin 1,

May be it's better leave pin 6 and connect pin 3 with pin 5