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Help about the project at the url http://andybrown.me.uk/2015/02/02/awcopper/

Started by dientl, September 16, 2017, 07:38:43 am

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Hi all,
The project named Arduino Uno R3 graphics accelerator shield uses no pins was shared by Mr. Andy is really wonderfull for me. Could you all help me some ideas so I can get the data from STM32 chip ( such as ADC, etc) and return to the UNO board?

Thank you all and looking forward feedback from you all!

Andy Brown

Hi, interfacing a 3.3V (or lower) STM32 to a 5V Arduino is best achieved using the I2C bus.
It's worse than that, it's physics Jim!


Dir sir,
Yes, I know. So far I can use your sharing project to connect Uno and STM32. Could you please give me some turorials in your code so I can edit to get the adc value from STM32. I see in the file named CommandExecutor.cpp have a switch case :
    case cmd::TPIN_GPIO_CONTROL:

Of course I will declare the adc peripheral of STM32, and add that one in this switch case. Could you please give me some directions so I can edit code in 2 side: Uno and STM32 to accomplish getting the adc from stm32 to uno.

Thank you in advanced!