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Z800 Compatible RAM

Started by denj, December 09, 2016, 05:13:31 pm

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Does anyone know what the exact samsung part # is for this HP 584686-001?

I'm trying to purchase 16 GB modules for cheap from EBAY but I'm at a loss as to which ones to pick. 

The official ones is HP 584686-001 but I've noticed
HP 501538-001 =
HP 500666-B21 =
HP 500207-071 = HP 16GB 4RX4 PC3-8500R-7 RDIMM DDR3 1066MHZ MEMORY (located at http://www.serversupply.com/MEMORY/PC3-8500/16GB/HP/501538-001.htm ) lists Z800 workstation as being compatible. 

They share the same technical details as HP 584686-001:  16GB, PC3-8500R, DDR3-1066P, 240-pins, Registered ECC, CL=7 (4R) memory module (Samsung)

Andy Brown

As long as the technical specs of the memory match those in the HP Z800 Memory Configuration and Optimization document then you should be fine. My own 48Gb is a mix of hynix and samsung modules from different sources and it works perfectly. Just make sure your configuration matches one of those in HP's document and be aware of the performance warning about using quad rank memory (the 800MHz limit)
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I plan on running multiple VM's on this machine, when i get all the parts, I'll see if it takes a severe performance hit, if it does then I'll switch to 96 GB of RAM


get any PC3L-12800R or PC3L-10600R
They are low voltage. The advantage of low voltage is that you can populate all slots and it will not slow down your system to 800Mhz

the quad rank low voltage works like a dual rank for the purposes of memory configuration.

I have 96Gb installed in one CPU and will have soon 192 once I install my 2nd CPU.


Too late, I already purchased them for 40 USD each...I now have excess...sigh. 


you can resell ;)
PC3-8500R is too slow
DDR3-1066P 4 ranks is good as long as you only use 3 total. If you add a second into a channel then all memory will run at 8500 speed.

Remember, not only the memory will run slow but the CPU will be affected as well.

PC3L-12800R or PC3L-10600R will not slow down your computer.

Note: Low Voltage usually sells for more, but I bought mine for $30-$40 per 16Gb. I have a total of 176Gb. Need to buy one more.


Do the low power ones have heatspreaders on them?



Hello all!

New z800 owner here trying to figure out possible memory combinations and what might be wrong. When I first got the computer it had kinda odd memory combination:
2x Micron 8Gb 2rx4 PC3L-12800R in first slots of both cpus.
2x Samsung 4Gb 1rx4 PC3-10600R in second slots of both cpu.
All modules ECC and registered running dual channel 1333mhz and Computer working just fine. Then i had a chat with the seller and he said that it seems they didn't check the computer properly and we should change memory configuration. He sent me 6x Samsung 4Gb 2rx8 PC3-12800R ECC REG modules. Last night I fixed those in the computer but they didn't work as expected.
Four beeps and fault codes:
3x "209-Memory Warning Condition (WARN_DQS_Test) detected. Slot CPU0 DIMM 5"
"203--Memory module failed self-test and failing rank was disabled"
No matter which order i put those modules in, dimm 5 fails. Next I did a test with 4 new and 2 old samsung modules. Difference being that old modules had only 1 rank each. Now it beeps only 3 times and errorcode 209 pops only 2 times? But still dimm 5 fails.

So what might be the problem? Mb, memory conf, rank count or something else?

P.S. Great forum and projects!



Good evening.

Some more chat with the seller and few new ideas and now everything seems to be working. He said the problem sounded very similar to what he had with a z400. During transportation something could slighty move out of place and he told me to reinstall cpus. I also swapped them to see if the problem is in the memory controller. So after some cleaning and reinstalling all memory modules are now recognized and triple channel working fine.


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Quote from: denj on January 03, 2017, 08:32:07 pmToo late, I already enjoy Performer 8 regularly for 40 USD each...I now have excess...sigh.

What are you going to do with your excess ones Denj?


After i got my ram errors away i have done few memory benchmarks to see what could be best BIOS settings for my combined workstation and gaming. I am using MaxxMem2. Read speeds seems to always be almost 13gb/s but copy and write always stays way below 10gb/s. And latency varies from 80ns to 150ns. Maximum total speed always under 10gb/s. I would like to see more benchmark results from other z800s to compare. Friend of mine running z400 with x5687 triple channel 1333mhz got MaxxMem total result of 13gb/s. I know these two system are a bit different but still got me thinking is there something wrong with my z800.

Just an idea: Should we open new thread for combined benchmark results? Cinebench, 3dMark, PassMark, etc?

Andy Brown

I've attached my results. They are broadly the same as you describe for yours.
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Thanks Andy. Almost a copy from my most recent results. Do you have MNI or NUMA enabled?

Andy Brown

Both options were disabled. The inbuilt help says that NUMA should be enabled for Windows and disabled for Linux, so I enabled it since I'm using Windows 10. That seemed to slightly slow down the benchmarks so I'll be disabling it again.
It's worse than that, it's physics Jim!