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LCD TFT - Reading RAM data by an Arduino compatible board

Started by arnoldvillasanta, September 14, 2017, 07:15:54 am

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There is this 240 X 160 LCD driven by a Renesas MCU.   I need an arduino compatible board to "read" the current data displayed in the LCD every 30 seconds.    The raw data that the Arduino is saved/transmitted to another system.

I need help to implement the reading of the LCD RAM.   I saw libraries such as u8g2 that has UC1611 (LCD driver) and can do parallel access (8080 mode), but the library is dedicated only for writing (not reading). 
Primary concern is that the Renesas MCU is constantly sending read/write commands, which I believe Arduino must check first the 'busy' status of the LCD before executing the 'read' call to the LCD RAM.

My setup is:
1.  LCD:  http://www.datasheet39.com/PDF/921659/EW50850FLWP-datasheet.html
2.  LCD Driver:  https://www.crystalfontz.com/controllers/UltraChip/UC1611/363/
3.  Arduino compatible board: