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Arduino based digital dash project

Started by Volumetrik, November 22, 2016, 10:35:54 am

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I've been reading articles from the website regarding arduinos and accelerated graphics. It is very interesting how all the details involved with such projects are laid out, thanks a lot !

I want to do a digital gauge cluster/dash for my motorcycle with a 4 to 5 inch screen that doesn't need to be touch. It would look like this : http://www.imsolidstate.com/archives/1566

But with a different interface and more sensors. The gentleman has a screen that refreshes to 240hz and it looks super crisp in his video. Ideally I would want something like that, but the display he has is discontinued and is pretty expensive on ebay.

I think I can get away with refreshing at 60hz for my project, but reading your articles, it became clear that I can't possibly run a 480x272 screen at 60hz with solely an arduino. I will need a separate graphics controller to run the display and the arduino to send the information.

Is there an easier way of achieving this without printing my own PCB and shopping different electronics and writing complicated custom code considering 80% of the screen will stay the same and only small parts will change with time (speed, temperature, rpm, compass) ?

If it's absolutely necessary, I've already used eagle in my university courses and I've already soldered multiple times in the past so I am open to that.

Thanks again for your time,



November 22, 2016, 02:27:39 pm #1 Last Edit: November 22, 2016, 02:41:28 pm by stride
Hello :)

Pico-ITX? For simplicity put any standard OS to interface with your peripherals, perhaps even a touch screen?
You would have to make a gauge/dash program tho.


But hey... you could have your mp3 and movie library, a nav program and lots of other stuff there too :)

Or perhaps a RaspBerry? http://engineering-diy.blogspot.fr/2015/01/raspberry-pi-carpc-january-2015-updates.html
If your hardware and programming skills are limited xbmc/kodi even runs on Windows! You'll probably just need to find the right plugins.