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November 28, 2023, 04:58:00 pm


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avr-gcc 4.9.2 does not quite work

Started by aoand, March 20, 2016, 03:55:44 pm

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Hi Andy,

Many thanks for providing a pre-compiled avr-gcc toolkit!
Unfortunately, when installed on a fresh Windows7, it does not work.
make.exe throws a pop-up window which reads
"The program can't start because libintl-8.dll is missing from your computer. ..."

Can you, please, add the missing dll to the pack?

Andy Brown

Hi, yes I'll do that. It looks like it's a dynamic dependency required for native language support which is probably why it doesn't come up as a dependency for me.

Did you manage to source the DLL already online? (it's part of MinGW).
It's worse than that, it's physics Jim!


Hi, Andy.
Thank you!

> Did you manage to source the DLL already online?

No, I did not. I did not know, that your make.exe comes from MinGW.
I will try it in a few days.

BTW: making a note on the download page that the toolchain is compiled with MinGW would be helpful.

Andy Brown

I've attached a copy of libintl-8.dll from the mingw distribution. Can you check if this works? I'm interested if there are any transient dependencies (libiconv2.dll sometimes comes up).
It's worse than that, it's physics Jim!


Hi Andy,

I installed mingw32-make with mingw-get:

> mingw-get.exe  install mingw32-make

It installed three packages to satisfy dependencies:

After that, make worked as expected.
So, I believe, all three libraries are required, but I did not try to remove any of them.