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December 06, 2021, 05:21:22 pm


SMF - Just Installed!

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I have an old but gold HP Z600 with 32GB Ram, dual X5670 CPU and a rather old Nvidia Geforce 670 graphics card.
I plan to replace the graphics card with a monster triple slot card that requires 375W and 42A on the 12V line, namely, a Geforce GTX Titan Z.
Yeah, probably not the wisest choice of graphics card but hey, it was a bargain!  :D

Now, I am very well aware that the standard 650 Watt power supply unit won't do.

Has anyone been able to upgrade the power supply so it works with such a monster of a graphic card?
If so, how'd you fit the new power supply unit into the case?   :P

What would you do to upgrade the power supply properly -- how many Watts etc. do I need?

Any recommendations appreciated.