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July 10, 2020, 12:09:35 am


SMF - Just Installed!

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New user on the forum and new owner of a bargain HP Z800 002 in HP case(850w psu), boot block date 01-30-09.

did the HP bios update through HP's Windows tool (v3.61) and now running 2x X5650 without further mods. so far boots up every time.

build breakdown
HP Z800 with 2x X5550 and 40gb picked up @~£110
16gb extra ram (was cheaper than just buying 8 ) £30
2x x5570 (for safety) and 2x x5650 shipped @~£55
6x 1tb sata drives @£35
GPU nvidia 740 (free, from the stash)

now all i need is recommendation on a better cheapish GPU as it wont boot with HD6970, HD 6950, HD4890x2, GTX 280, GTX 280.
im thinking something like 1050 maybe a rx560, what would be the max tpd i can use with the 850w psu

kind regards