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July 15, 2020, 05:21:05 pm


SMF - Just Installed!

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I think everything is ok with my Z800...

Rear fans running with ~1600 UPM
Memory with ~ 1500 UPM
CPU about 1100 UPM in Idle

...how fast are your fans running?

I Only got CPU and the Quadro 5000 Fans controlled with Speedfan.
Hello there! Does anybody got Speedfan working with the Z800 Motherboard?

The case fans are freaking loud, and the Bios Setting Idle Fan Mode is already set to lowest level. Or is there an option to jump over Error Message on Post if you disconnect the fan? I already tried headless mode but this is maybe only for Graphic Cards...

Regards and an nice Weekend!
Very cool Project! I have Luck to get some Z800 cases with the board, so i dont need extra Power supply. I have a mainboard Rev. A03 which i dont need anymore. Does somebody needs it? I also have 48 GB (each 4GB) of HP RAM which fits to the board.

Just let me know.

@Andy i hope its ok if i post this here, but i think its a shame to put the Stuff just in the basement.