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Quote from: mbppg on April 12, 2016, 08:59:43 am
So after digging into and doing some research I found that windows 10 pro was the problem. I had several BSOD, Watchdog timer errors (CPU related) and a few just simple reboots out of nowhere. I thought is was the processors overheating but I managed to catch a log file from HWmonitor in which the CPU cores where at 69 or lower when it rebooted. I have since gone back to windows 8.1 and no I have no issues, speedfan is controlling the the CPU fan correctly and no more BSOD or random reboots.

So Windows 10 is still very buggy for some systems and it seems like Xeon CPU's did not get a lot of love from Microsoft with windows 10 or they have not gotten around to fixing it yet...

First things first: Thanks Andy for the easy-to-follow guide.

SpeedFan works for me on W10Pro, but it ranks the fan up to 100%(5000rpm) as soon as temps raise even by a bit, doesn't matter how i adjust the temperature curve. :(
Quote from: mbppg on March 02, 2016, 06:50:28 am
I have a question along the lines of BIOS, I currently have my z800 MB running and the current version of the BIOS is 03.19 The latest version is 03.57, is there any reason not to upgrade? Current setup is two Xeon X5680 3.33 gig hex core processors and 48 gig of DDR3 1333 ECC memory.

i'm running almost the same config of X5675's  and 48GB, newest bios with issues whatsoever.

I also have a V3 MoBo, so if you guys need a flash dump, just let me know how to do it, i'll do my best to help.
x2xx, thank you so much mate, just found a pair of 290x-s on gumtree.
I also have a borderline-lunatic idea of passive cooling the two cpu/vga with two separate loops, but this is only on the drawing board at the moment.
1x Zalmasn Reserator 1 v2 -> CPU_0 + 290x_0
1x Zalmasn Reserator 1 v2 -> CPU_1 + 290x_1

MOD: actually if i search for the part number it comes up as a 1x8 pin male + 1x8pin female + 1x4pin male.
Did you have to mod the cable somehow?
Looks like it's the temperature sensor issue, we've had a return from one of our customer, does the exact same thing as mine.
Now i cannot seem to find any information regarding the CPU thermal sensor, but will keep digging.

You can see while all the cores are skyrocketing, the CPU thermal sensor flatlines at 28 Celsius, so same issue with my workstation and we have quiet a few other too. :/

Thank You for your reply Andy, now i have control over the two CPU Fan and the memory fans(PWM3). 8)
Cannot seem to be able to control the chassis fan's.....yet  ;)

"Do you have access to any more Z800s at your place of work? If so you could perhaps compare installed drivers to see if there's anything HP specific in there that looks interesting."

Haha, great minds think alike...
You are right, this is the first thing i should check.
I've already asked for the standard ghost on an SSD twice, both times forgot to actually take it home with me and try it, when i remembered they were in a build to a customer already.
Once i had some time I'll come back to you with the results to share, please allow me some time, Christmas hit us this week...hard.

"My case fans are controlled by sliders on the front of the case so I don't know which controller they would appear on if they were plugged into the motherboard."
This is plan B, currently i'm trying to buy some Z800 Slot In CD's from a USA sellerhttp://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41KvizgvOhL._SX425_.jpg as many of our customers have been asking for it.
I would love to have this Slot in CD myself too, as i'm planning to mod this workstation to my my taste.

Thank you for creating this forum and thanks for all the people who took the time and shared their knowledge. Big respect!
Hi Andy and everyone,

and thanks for creating the forum i'm reading the whole thing as we speak.
I've already found the information i was after with the forum, kudos!
I've got a HP Z800 from my workplace(we refurbish computers in UK) and i love it.
I have one question which i couldn't find the answer to:
When i took home the Z800 had active adaptive cooling depending on load, now first thing i did was putting in my SSD and reinstall Win7Prox64.

Since then i've also got a hot-headed graphics card and after realised the chassis fans are not adaptive anymore, i decided to take off the side and use it like that for a while. Does anyone know what driver/program i have to install in order to have adaptive cooling active again?

Thank you in advance!
Have a great weekend everyone.

MOD: I installed the HP Performance Advisor which let me know i wasn't in high perf. power mode in windows. Now i ran a stability test, and noticed that sensors are reporting the CPU bein 39 celsius under load, but the cores are 80+ while the CPU heatsinks(origi HP) and chassis fans stay on constant rpm. In the power settings, cooling set to active.
Any ideas what's the problem can be?

MOD2: Here is a picture from AIDA64, maybe will help http://imgur.com/EFvASXV
My config:
Z800 V3 Mobo
2x X5675 + HP Heatsink
12x 4GB HP Mem with heatsink
R9 280X