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March 26, 2023, 03:52:29 pm


SMF - Just Installed!

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Thanks to Andy and this forum, I've embarked on refitting a Z800 into a larger case with room for 17 HDD + 2 SSD and NVME PVI-e boot from a m.2 drive, for a total of 20 drives, hosting a 75tb [physical] Windows Storage Spaces single node array.

I have written out a how-to on booting from a generic/amazon PCI-e/NVME adapter and m.2 drive:


Currently, I'm tackling the F1 boot prompt for various missing pieces from knightcrusader's post:


One of the first hurdles was to tame the fans that I have migrated over for now from the Z800 case, namely front chassis and memory.  I plan to eventually swapping them out once I finish wiring the adapters but for the long term, I would still have to solve the temperature sensor issue.  Instead of hacking and wasting the oem front panel cable, I bought some  2n2222a temperature sensors off amazon in TO-92 size and arduino crimping set.  And instead of wiring and soldering, I was able to just crimp C and B together for Pin # 11 [grey] and crimp E for Pin #12 [brown] and pushed them into a 2-pin Dupont housing...plugged it in and the fans are spinning normally now.  Here's a pic of the transistors:


Once I get the rest of the parts, I'll tackle the memory, fron chassis, rear chassis and maybe the heatsinks.

Also, by hiding the 1394 port in BIOS under Security, I was able to eliminate it from alerting in the F1 prompt.  I may do that for the USB headers as well, since I have a USB3 card that can power/connect to the front USB3 port on my case.  Btw, I'm using a Fractal Design XL R2.