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Hardware projects / Re: SuperMicro X8DTT-F
January 11, 2017, 09:27:18 am
This board has an IPMI interface, allowing you remote desktop management over IP
Wiring is easy and straightforward.

Front panel wiring

Power pin outs

Hardware projects / SuperMicro X8DTT-F
January 10, 2017, 09:36:24 pm
Got this combo for  my NAS build, SuperMicro X8DTT-F Motherboard with 2x Intel E5620 CPUs, can't complain for $50-USD. The board dimension is ~17"x7"; so it's easily hacked into a 4U or ATX case.

Hardware projects / Re: Z820 mobo hack. anyone?
January 10, 2017, 11:30:18 am
Quote from: bulls4ever on January 07, 2017, 10:56:26 pm
this is strange as the z820 uses the same 850W as the z800: Delta DPS-850DB A

Both Z800 and Z820 850W PSU have different PN# That may explains the different pin out.

In the end I bought a Z820 barebone, to save cost and time. I'll try to do a trace on the main harness loom when I get a chance.
Quote from: bulls4ever on January 07, 2017, 11:20:33 am
I saw a z820 motherboard on ebay for $280. not too bad. then I read the seller comment ..

HP Assembly Part Number: 618266-001
Please note: per this HP part number, this system board does not support V2 Processors

Is the z820 motherboard the same as z800 where some wont take V2 and some will?

there's a seller from Taiwan has new Rev.3 z820 MB at same price; it should take v2 CPUs

Quote from: mtothaj on January 05, 2017, 01:56:10 am
For the Z800 a nice option is an Apricorn Velocity Duo PCIe card - this allows you to have the best of both worlds since you can attach 2x SATA3 SSD's to the card and use these in RAID0 (the card has a built in controller) for speeds of up to 800MB/s.

Interesting find!
Quote from: denj on December 28, 2016, 07:53:35 am
Did you mean to say Z820?  As far as I know, a z800 motherboard supports LGA1366 cpus.  The Z820 supports LGA2011-1 cpus.
It's the Z800 MB, You're right about the compatible CPUs
Quote from: denj on December 24, 2016, 02:41:58 pm
I bought an original case z800 case/mobo with a PSU and I got everything work.  After 2 days, http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/power-integrations/TOP249YN/596-1080-5-ND/865356 blew up.  I didn't even know this was possible.  Luckily, I can get another PSU, but now I'm debating of buying a regular PSU's and adapting it to the z800 mobo/case. 

I'm running 2x 5675 with 96 gb of ram, ati 7850 and 2 ssds so I think I need 850W.  Online calculators show I need 300-350W?  I'm not sure that's correct though. 

A new standard PSU is 140-180 CDN and I'm not sure if they're all compatible. 
A z800 PSU would cost me $200-$400 CDN at 1110W.   

Budget is $200 CDN :(

Any suggestions?

I ended up buying the barebone Z820 and a pair of E5-2670 to be my primary editing workstation.Hopefully your situation doesn't happen to mine. Fingers crossed.
Also purchasing a V3 Z800 motherboard for $80, and a pair of E5-2650 for $60-- so I can hack it into a standard case and ATX PSU, this will be a replacement to my old FreeNAS. I found some pre-made ATX-Z800 power adapter on Ebay. Hope to have all this rigged up soon.
Quote from: Andy Brown on December 17, 2016, 01:05:18 am
I haven't heard any good reason to not use the engineering samples. As long as there are no critical bug fixes in the later steppings you should be fine.

I am monitoring the ebay prices of C612 chipset boards. They are still expensive and the Z820 board is not yet a bargain amongst them, plus you have to mod your case to fit it. If I were to buy right now then I'd probably get a Gigabyte MD70 or Asus Z10PE.

The E5 V3 CPUs are starting to fall in price and there's some great deals around from HK/Chinese sellers on the 12/14/16 core models. If the motherboards weren't holding their prices so well then I'd be sorely tempted myself.

Last night I was also looking at this Dell T7810 barebone, at $468 USD shipped; its motherboard supports E5 V3 and has chipset C612. ( EBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DELL-PRECISION-T7810-Barebone-Workstation-build-your-own-gaming-computer-/182225542500?hash=item2a6d7d1d64:g:2agAAOSwTZ1XnTYR )The downside is it only have 8 memory slots. Video encoding is CPU intensive, so I am still entertaining various options.  I am also monitoring some 12-Cores E5 V3's; I am not sure which stepping is the ones right before production release.  Thanks for pointing out the Gigabyte MD70 board & Asus Z10PE, it's quite enticing, especially with the 2x 10GbE, unfortunately it's no longer budget build :-)

Hello guys!

I was was impressed with the capabilities of the HP Z800/820  in video production. At first, I was looking on ebay for a barebone Z820 to build up.  After some Googling I came across Andy's Z800 build blog, which is amazing. Now I'm leaning toward going this route--using a Z820 motherboard and 2x E6-2670.    I saw some ES version CPUs on ebay, should I stay away from them? TIA