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Quote from: bobdj_Z800 on June 28, 2017, 09:50:22 am
Hacked Z800 in its "own" case

Unfortanely long before Andy's great article I started hacking my Z800 in its own case.
I had a problem with the loud sound of the machine when I bought it. I like very quiet machines....

Great mod!  I was looking forward to doing this to my own case as well!  How is the noise profile under 100% cpu and gpu load?  And do you have sufficient airflow?
Hardware projects / Re: Z800 Compatible RAM
February 22, 2017, 08:20:14 pm
Quote from: Dexler on February 19, 2017, 11:24:04 pm
Quote from: denj on January 03, 2017, 08:32:07 pm
Too late, I already purchased them for 40 USD each...I now have excess...sigh.

What are you going to do with your excess ones Denj?

Was planning on selling them back on eBay
Hardware projects / Re: Z800 Compatible RAM
January 27, 2017, 12:20:01 pm
Do the low power ones have heatspreaders on them?
Quote from: bulls4ever on January 19, 2017, 03:26:30 pm
On a hacked system I run GTX 1080, Titan X Pascal and a Quadro K2200 without any issues. System load isn't that much. I measure the watts and 850W should be fine. My PSU is 1000W but it doesn't even come close to it on usage.

The original PSU has different amps than my "hacked" one . I believe the 850W cant power dual 100W+ CPU
I think the problem is the GPU Power and PSU incompatibility: the connector wont give enough power to the GPU.

Confirmed.  I didn't get a chance but I checked the manual thoroughly regarding the matter: 


Page 157:

Well I've tried everything I could possibly think of... DPS-850DB /// 850W cannot support a 250W GPU....no matter how many kinds of connectors I throw at it. 

:( >:( >:( :( :( >:( :( >:( :( >:( :( >:( :( >:( :( >:( :( :( >:(
You're absolutely right!  But when I press the power button, the fans spin up to the highest rpm, it does a system check and just hangs...I don't see the bios load up as usual.  All I know at this point is that it's not receiving enough power to power the gpu. 

When I used the connectors from the gpu card box (2x 6 pin into and 8 pin pci + 2x molex into 6 pin), I noticed that one of the 6 pin molex connectors was loose.  I made sure it was firmly in place and plugged the molex connector into the wiring hanging by CPU 1.  A few of the times the PC turned on, it immediately shutdown and the molex connector with two (12V + ground) was extremely hot to the touch. 

My old card the 7850 would post and load up the bios after a little bit of delay which I assume is for checking the system stability

my CPU is an X5675.  I don't know if this matters or not but the GTX 1080 has a TDP of 180W. 

The R9 290X has a TDP of 250W. 

I'm assuming your GTX 1080 is only using the 8 pin or 2 x 6 pin since PCI interface provides 75W, 8 pin pci provides 150W and 6 pin pci provides 75W.   

Question for you all: Is it possible for me to run a 250W GPU (like my r9 290x) on 850W? 
Quote from: Chris on April 13, 2016, 02:39:56 pm
Quote from: Andy Brown on April 13, 2016, 01:26:49 pm

Hi Chris, check out the new post in the comments section from user "ujt 80".

Much obliged! Fingers crossed (s)he is using the original hp 850w power supply.

Edit: Hopefully this will help others in the future - I went out and bought a Radeon R9-380 video card. The original 850w power supply runs it just fine.

I got an R9-290x on 2x 5675 + 96 gigs of ram.  No matter what I do (just 1 cpu/1ram/1gpu) it won't post.  but it posts fine with a 7850

I have everything in an original z800 case plus PSU.  Is the TDP on the r9-290x (250W) the issue?

Edit:  I tested the R9 290x out in my old system and it works flawlessly with a 650W PSU
Edit2:  The 850W isn't providing the 75W across the molex connectors provided
Edit3:  I will try to get sata to pci 6 pin adapters and try connecting it via the hardrive cage sata
Edit4:  No luck   :(

The r9 290x works perfectly fine in my old system but in the z800 it won't even post.  the 290x has a 8 pin to 2x 6 pin + 6 pin to 2x molex connectors which I plugged in.  In my old computer, my PSU already had dedicated wiring for a card like this. 
Can you not still boot into a NVMe with a UEFI emulator?  The disadvantage is that you would have a usb stick hanging out but i'm sure there's a way to get around that too...
Hardware projects / Re: Z800 Compatible RAM
January 03, 2017, 08:32:07 pm
Too late, I already purchased them for 40 USD each...I now have excess...sigh. 
Quote from: Dan on December 27, 2016, 02:00:41 pm
Also purchasing a V3 Z800 motherboard for $80, and a pair of E5-2650 for $60

Did you mean to say Z820?  As far as I know, a z800 motherboard supports LGA1366 cpus.  The Z820 supports LGA2011-1 cpus.   
I bought an original case z800 case/mobo with a PSU and I got everything work.  After 2 days, http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/power-integrations/TOP249YN/596-1080-5-ND/865356 blew up.  I didn't even know this was possible.  Luckily, I can get another PSU, but now I'm debating of buying a regular PSU's and adapting it to the z800 mobo/case. 

I'm running 2x 5675 with 96 gb of ram, ati 7850 and 2 ssds so I think I need 850W.  Online calculators show I need 300-350W?  I'm not sure that's correct though. 

A new standard PSU is 140-180 CDN and I'm not sure if they're all compatible. 
A z800 PSU would cost me $200-$400 CDN at 1110W.   

Budget is $200 CDN :(

Any suggestions?
Quote from: knightcrusader on December 15, 2016, 12:17:40 pm
Quote from: denj on December 14, 2016, 03:50:18 pm
Has anyone tried adapting M.2 drive for use as a boot drive on the Z800? 

Yes, I am currently using an M.2 PCI Express SSD as my boot drive in my machine, however, my SSD came already installed with the PCI Express adapter card. It's a 240GB Kingston HyperX Predator. Since the Z800 board doesn't know what M.2 is, it can't boot from it, so the SSD or the card (I am not sure which) has a boot option ROM that the bios reads like its a regular storage controller, and lists it as a bootable device.

Been using it for over a year and its worked perfectly well for me.

Could you post your make and model of your pci card please?
Has anyone tried adapting M.2 drive for use as a boot drive on the Z800? 

I plan on approaching this using two different methods:

Method 1:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=12K-017B-00001
Purchase a fast m.2 drive, use the adapter (or an equivalent). 
Potential issue, z800 Bios is non-UEFI.  if it doesn't work, switch to Method 2. 

Method 2:  http://mrlithium.blogspot.ca/2015/12/how-to-boot-nvme-ssd-from-legacy-bios.html
Using hardware from Method 1, follow steps from link or use a USB to boot to nvme ssd

Any thoughts?
Hardware projects / Re: Z800 Compatible RAM
December 10, 2016, 08:51:35 am
I plan on running multiple VM's on this machine, when i get all the parts, I'll see if it takes a severe performance hit, if it does then I'll switch to 96 GB of RAM