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September 24, 2021, 02:57:23 pm


SMF - Just Installed!

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HP P410 works fine, i used it on my build with the 512MB and battery backed cache, also used a HP P400 and the standard LSI controller...all worked with my SAS 15K HDD's.

There was no need to buy backplates if you studied the standard backplate design and the cpu cooler retention system, mine was pretty much plug and play just didn't' have to install the standard plastic backplate worst case scenario you would have to use different screws because of the thread.

If the heatskink is getting hot is actually a good thing, it shows that there is good thermal conductivity between the chips and the heatsink, problem with that piece is that those 2 chip's have a TDP of 27W each.... http://ark.intel.com/products/36783/Intel-5520-IO-Hub
Quote from: bulls4ever on October 12, 2016, 03:52:25 pm
Well ... about the memory ... I'm still bidding on ebay for the rest to net 192gb ;)

I currently own a 5820K rig with 64Gb RAM. I could expand it to 128Gb if I sell all my modules and buy 8x16Gb. Those are very expensive. $80 for the slowest one to $120 to fastest. Id also have to change the CPU as the 5820 only supports 64gb. A 6800K for example would cost $450 or so. Dual x5675 has about the same multi core passmark than 6800k. They cost me around $150.

In average I am buying $16Gb for $30 each.

I use Photoscan and it uses  lot of RAM. For some projects, 64gb is not enough!!

I also wanted to setup a remote desktop to fully use OpenGL. It happens HP has one that costs $250 but it is free for Z machines.

So I thought .. I buy one machine for the cost of this software and could put more, and cheaper, memory. And .. the Z800 was the answer :) Eventually I will migrate to Z820 and all I will need would be a new mobo and cpus. And someone to figure it out the PSU cable as I am not the right person to do the job.

After selling my z800 psu, LSI 9260-8i, x2645 and 12gb RAM I will end up having a free motherboard :)

Bought the x5675 instead of x5680 or x5690 cause they are not much better than the x5675 and uses less power (95 instead of 130) making some room for more video cards and less heating issues.

I don't have the photo of the case anymore. I will get it from craiglist. The owner removed all the bays for hardcore water cooling. I probably will leave as is as I will not need HDD cages. Case I need, I can still buy a cage from corsair for around $30.I will place a PCIe to M.2 card and install my 512gb M.2 on it. I have external RAID for my storage.

I will sure post when I build my machine.

saves from going z800 instead of upgrading my rig
CPU: $300
Memory:$250 to $500
Remote Desktop: $250

case and motherboard will possibly be free after I sell my z800 components.

After selling my rig I could end up having the upgrade for free!!!

You made some really good deals along the way!

I remember when my Z800 board died i sold a couple of  X5675 for 300$ and bought a couple of E5-2670 for 150!  8)
Quote from: comptv on September 21, 2016, 12:54:25 pm
Sorry, I meant physically pushing out the pins with one of those tools, and just rearranging them as needed. I'd still have to buy extensions either way, unless I planned on modding the actual PSU cable which seems a little risky.

I'm guessing there isn't some way to buy a z600 compatible PSU? hahaha, why did you do this to us HP?

I actually loved your guide, I found the Z600 manual and compared the pin-outs and I think I may have noticed a few differences, but I'll concede to you because you're definitely more experienced. To be honest, however, your images were great, but not necessarily comprehensive enough for my small brain. I'll have to study your examples a bit more to see how to properly arrange the extensions once I get my hands on some. Half of me wants to throw up my hands and just purchase a super micro board (I got my HP one on a whim without proper research), but I already have all my components on hand.

I did my first custom cabling for the Z800 board with a tool just like that one that I had laying around it was a breeze :)   
Quote from: Horus on December 29, 2015, 01:21:38 pm
Quote from: Marco Silva on December 07, 2014, 11:19:04 am
every reboot requires to do the on/off thing from a couple of times up to 30 or 40  >:(

Quote from: Marco Silva on August 04, 2015, 05:30:56 pm
My revision 02 board is working just fine with 2 Xeon X5675, some times is hard to boot but 80% of the time it boots at first try.

Hi Marco.
Could you please describe changes which have led to better boot results?
Can you share yours hardware configuration?
Can you share yours BIOS settings configuration? (Easy to do - just download utility, run, share Z800Config file)
BIOS Configuration Utility
BiosConfigUtility64.exe /getconfig:Z800Config
Or maybe you have another potentially important observations?

Now to avoid restarting and boot problems I use suspend sleep mode (psshutdown.exe -d -t 1). It works perfect until power losing or restart requiring.

Hi, I'm Marco...just cant login no more with that account for some strange reason.

I didn't do nothing to improve it.
My hardware was a Revision 2 board, i had it running first with a couple of X5650 and after that upgraded for X5675. Started with 24GB of ram and latter upgraded to 48GB.
I had a bunch of different GPU's installed..HP 410 raid card with 512MB cache with the battery and 7 SAS 15K HDD in raid 0 :) SSD for the OS, OLD X-FI sound card and an HP quad nic picie card.

But my board is dead now, started with issues with missing ram sticks on CPU 0 till it register none...so I've upgraded recently for dual E5-2670 they are very powerfull and cheap cpu's and one can buy new motherboards for less than 250$ and there is still an upgrade path to deca core Ivy bridge cpu's when they become more affordable.
I did mine with PCB board  8)


Quote from: Attilio Fiandrotti on September 11, 2015, 03:29:24 pm
Quote from: Andy Brown on September 09, 2015, 10:01:36 am
Quote from: Attilio Fiandrotti on September 07, 2015, 01:32:39 am
Here are more pics showing my Z800 MB fitted into a Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000 case with some fancy blue leds. The PSU is a TDPS-825AB from an xw serie desktop. The setup includes the temp sensor, firewire, usb connections to the front panel which silence many POST warnings about missing cables.  Now, only a back panel is missing, plus some fans providing input so to silence the POST warning about missing memory and rear fans. Job almost done :-)

Nice job, especially with the cables. The motherboard itself looks like a tight fit into the case. Did you drill your own holes in the motherboard tray to get it to line up correctly?

Thanks a lot: none of the original mainboard holes matched those on the case.

With a case that supports eatx boards 2 holes will align, but it requires you to align the first pcie slot correctly.

Here is my case to add to the list....nzxt phantom red! Doesn't  really fit you have to make it fit :)