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General discussion / Solder Paste?
November 15, 2016, 04:15:41 am
I'm interested in what solder paste you use for your reflow oven or any observations on it.

I built a reflow oven project inspired by your projects a while ago. Mine is quite a lot more primitive and only exists as a collection of bits plugged into a plugboard thing... but it seems to work well enough. I can put ordinary solder on the PCB with an iron and put a component on top and it reflows well.... but if I have to manually put solder on every pad with an iron I might as well just hand solder!

So I have major problems with solder paste.
I bought a tube of paste, but it was so hard that I could hardly squeeze any out of the tube. Following advice I heated it a little which helped a bit but even then it was so stiff I struggled to get any out and certainly couldn't spread it.
I bought a second tube, this was thinner but seemed to have somewhat separated into a fluid and hard pieces that wouldn't stick to anything.

Both were tubes I bought from ebay so I think it likely I bought bad solder paste :) Live and learn...

I'm just wondering what experiences other people had though, and what they bought and where from?