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June 17, 2024, 12:40:04 am


SMF - Just Installed!

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I'm stuck with programming new SPI with Andy's flash bios.bin from 003 board.
Can You guide me through this.
I placed the chip on CH341, programmm detects it. Then I open Andy's bios, erase the chip, and then I press program/write.
But after 10-15 seconds I get error write timeout.
What could be the problem?

CPU Cooler alternative for HP Z800.
LC-Power's LC-CC-120-LiCo Liquid cooling fits like a glove on original CPU heatsink nuts.
Same goes for normal Air cooling LC-CC-120.
Using It's standofs for AMD fit and 3mm washer on top, then using bracket for Intel 115x, It works perfectly.
Combinig standofs from LC-CC-120-LiCo and everything else from LC-CC-120, I got this...
Temperature droped from 47C (stock cooler) to 34C (LC-CC-120) in idle, and from 59C (stock cooler) to 48C (LC-CC-120) under full load...
Running 2x Xeon E5520.
Next step, BIOS chip change (rev 001 BootBlock to 003 BootBlock) for 2x E5645.
Quote from: b1Ack on July 03, 2018, 09:42:52 am

How update bootblock ?
I'm surprised that lot of people was looking for right rev.003 full image, not looking what we have - a /B option for DOS flasher. Just used it and my bootblock became a new one with 2018 BIOS version in some time. And - process look really long and looks like it hang. For more than minute. No progress, no numlock reaction - nothing. Don't panic, read what you have on screen, all fine, obey and go make some tea and not look on this f***ing thing - and it will end and be ok.

No luck for me.
BootBlock remains 01/30/09.
What CMD line must I use to upgrade bootblock with flashbin.exe?  :-\ :-\

Plattfuss & Bigfoot co.
Hello everyone.
After rescuing old Z800 from being dumped (bad PSU), I decied to give It a go with something new.
How to fit ATX PSU into HP Z800 on top.
After cable and case mod, this is what came out:

Plattfuss & Bigfoot co.