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September 26, 2022, 05:12:51 pm


SMF - Just Installed!

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Quote from: msilveira on July 21, 2017, 02:09:32 pm
Quote from: msilveira on July 10, 2017, 06:57:51 pm
Anyone tried to flash the onboard SAS controller to IT mode?

I have created a zip with the necessary files to flash the onboard 1068E to IT mode.
Here: https://www.livreti.com.br/itfiles/1068E-Z800.zip

Just unzip this file to any DOS bootable usb and run hbaFlash.bat.
It will start a menu based flash process, you need to answer some questions:

Y - for backup
2 - for 3081 ( this is the same as LSI SAS1068E)
e - for pciexpress
t - for ti mode
6 - for B3 rev.( I bet all Z800 use the B3 rev. )
F - to confirm flash
Y - mismatch vendor id or product
Y - write IT over IR firmware

Or rather simply type: "sasflash -o -f  3081ETB3.fw -b mptsas.rom"
AFAIK, the mptsas rom is not really necessary ( I know it is troublesome with M1015 / PERCH200/300 9211-81 crossflashing ), unless you really want to boot off from a HDD connected to the onboard 1068E.

And it's done, now you have a total of 8 SAS ports working in HBA mode, or 14 SATA in HBA mode  ( 8 LSI1068E + 6 Intel AHCI ) 8)

Now you can play a bit with FreeNAS and lots of disks ;D

This is an impressive batch file. Im most curious about 6- for B3 Rev.  Is this going to take my Rev-002 board and make it a Rev-003 ?
If so i am full of glee ;D Let me know for certin.  id love to be able to pop in some X56xx Westimere chips in my bad boy 
So i purchased a z800 a few months back and its using the X5550 Zeon Chips. works fine, but of course id like to max it out for full performance.
Was reading other threads about the boot block upgrade, involving re-flashing the modified bios chip etc.
my question is do i need to do that now that im up to BIOS ver 3.60 in my z800 ?