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Hardware projects / Re: Z800 Compatible RAM
February 03, 2017, 03:51:25 pm
no, they do not have
custom I/O shield is pretty much the only thing left on my project.
If I were you Id dump the 48GB 8500R ECC RAM and get faster ones. It is just too slow and will bottleneck your CPUs

The Low Voltage ones are best as you can fill all the slots and not reduce their speed.
Quote from: denj on January 15, 2017, 04:45:47 pm
You're absolutely right!  But when I press the power button, the fans spin up to the highest rpm, it does a system check and just hangs...I don't see the bios load up as usual.  All I know at this point is that it's not receiving enough power to power the gpu. 

weird, Id only have the fans run at max speed when I moved the motherboard to a hacked case and didn't have the main cable attached: It does have a temperature sensor and without it the fans would spin at max speed no matter what. to solve the issue, I grabbed the cable and hacked it into my case.
I got busy and didn't take the pictures, but I will do it soon :)
On a hacked system I run GTX 1080, Titan X Pascal and a Quadro K2200 without any issues. System load isn't that much. I measure the watts and 850W should be fine. My PSU is 1000W but it doesn't even come close to it on usage.

The original PSU has different amps than my "hacked" one . I believe the 850W cant power dual 100W+ CPU
I think the problem is the GPU Power and PSU incompatibility: the connector wont give enough power to the GPU.

What is your CPU? With one 95w CPU a GTX 1080 was working on the original case
Hardware projects / Re: Z820 mobo hack. anyone?
January 10, 2017, 08:03:54 pm
Part number different but the product is the same manufacturer and model number
Hardware projects / Re: Cinebench 15 Z800
January 08, 2017, 12:07:23 am
very late but for the record
1482 with 2x X5675. Hyperthreading enabled
tempting lol
Hardware projects / Re: Z820 mobo hack. anyone?
January 07, 2017, 10:56:26 pm
this is strange as the z820 uses the same 850W as the z800: Delta DPS-850DB A
I saw a z820 motherboard on ebay for $280. not too bad. then I read the seller comment ..

HP Assembly Part Number: 618266-001
Please note: per this HP part number, this system board does not support V2 Processors 

Is the z820 motherboard the same as z800 where some wont take V2 and some will?
wow, $60 is a great deal.
My system is almost completed.
Waiting for 2x16gb RAM arriving Monday and my PCIe SSD

Other thing to mention is that video card placement is .. tricky .
I had to sandwich my Quadro K2200 between the GTX 1080 and the Titan X as it will not fit into the 1st slot and the last one causes issues with the plugs.

Also, the GTX 1080 on the bottom made the sata connections pretty hard.

I will resell my RAID card and buy a USB 3.1 card instead for the last slot.

Note 2: I bought the performance heatsink for the Z400. It fit nicely but I think its a bit wider making the RAM fan not sit as nice as it was before. Before it was very tight secured. Now it is a bit loose.

I will take a pic of the system this weekend.
yes I have. I've seen some high end 2011-1 for as little as $200-300 but like you I'd not touch them.
I think it will take 2 years before it will be really worth upgrading this system and a year to start considering.

there is no EFI on Z800 so it wont work.
You can buy an USB adapter for M.2 (I have one), install windows to go and boot from it. But then you are stuck with the amazing USB2 speed (or USB3 if you add a PCIE card) For that it is just better not to do it.

The best/fast way to boot is buying the Kingston Digital HyperX Predator. It uses 4 lanes. It is rated at 1400/1000 MB/s

The other way is to add a RAID card and having a few SSDS on RAID0

The cheaper and faster than USB would be to buy one of those cheap PCIe cards that will provide SATA3. It will use one lane and cap at the SATA3 speed: 500 MB/s max depending on the quality of your SSD.

Note: Not sure if you can raid using the PCIe to SATA3. If it is possible, you could get similar performance than the Predator using 2 SSDs on RAID0
Hardware projects / Re: Z800 Compatible RAM
January 04, 2017, 10:15:25 am
you can resell ;)
PC3-8500R is too slow
DDR3-1066P 4 ranks is good as long as you only use 3 total. If you add a second into a channel then all memory will run at 8500 speed.

Remember, not only the memory will run slow but the CPU will be affected as well.

PC3L-12800R or PC3L-10600R will not slow down your computer.

Note: Low Voltage usually sells for more, but I bought mine for $30-$40 per 16Gb. I have a total of 176Gb. Need to buy one more.