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July 10, 2020, 12:22:10 am


SMF - Just Installed!

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Would anyone be willing to possibly post a short video or series of images detailing how you did your PSU power cables? I get that I basically need 2 ATX 24 pin extensions and I need to resolder them in the correct configuration, but I don't understand the translation from standard ATX to the HP boards, or the Molex to the 8-pin swap.

Thanks everyone!
Sorry, I meant physically pushing out the pins with one of those tools, and just rearranging them as needed. I'd still have to buy extensions either way, unless I planned on modding the actual PSU cable which seems a little risky.

I'm guessing there isn't some way to buy a z600 compatible PSU? hahaha, why did you do this to us HP?

I actually loved your guide, I found the Z600 manual and compared the pin-outs and I think I may have noticed a few differences, but I'll concede to you because you're definitely more experienced. To be honest, however, your images were great, but not necessarily comprehensive enough for my small brain. I'll have to study your examples a bit more to see how to properly arrange the extensions once I get my hands on some. Half of me wants to throw up my hands and just purchase a super micro board (I got my HP one on a whim without proper research), but I already have all my components on hand.
Wow! I'm excited to see that this is still active!!

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this on the Z600 motherboard?
It seems really similar, but the main difference (PSU wise) is the 10-pin memory connector is only *8-pin on the Z600 rev 03

I have 2 X5650 and a GTX 1060, along with a 650W PSU, that will be upgraded once I can test that all the hardware is working.

My main question is regarding the wiring of the PSU. Is it possible to just rearrange the pins on my old PSU instead of cutting and resoldering. I can successfully insert my PCI-E 6 + 2 into the memory slot no problem, but I'm guessing the wire configuration is wrong, and same goes for my 20+4 pin. I mean, I can solder if I have to, but I'm trying to avoid it. And I don't think waiting a month for the Z600/Z800 extensions from China is worth it. Any thoughts?