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August 05, 2020, 09:46:37 am


SMF - Just Installed!

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Quote from: mbppg on March 04, 2016, 06:02:43 am
Also found a picture of the high capacity CPU fan for the z800, pin 5 is just a short jumper to ground. I have not had a chance to check it but I am pretty sure it will work and turn off the CPU fan message.

Hi mbppg,

Have you had a chance to try this yet?  Did it work?

Hi Guys,

Great article and info here!  I was hoping someone here could answer a couple of questions for me.  Here's my situation:

I have a water-cooled z800 that has a failing pump.  The stock replacement parts, be it water or air cooling are absurdly expensive so I am looking at alternatives. 

No one seems to make dual-CPU closed-loop water cooling solutions and I'm not interested in a custom loop, so that leaves air.  I see that a number of people have adapted large tower coolers, but I would like to retain the fan bracket over the RAM slots.

So the question:  Does anyone know if the Intel BXSTS100C cooler will fit on this motherboard?  Is there another option that I am not aware of?

Thanks in advance!