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May 18, 2024, 12:34:27 am


SMF - Just Installed!

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Great work Andy, now works a treat with my tablet !

FYI - I did try with a an android phone before the update firmware and it did work, I suspect it loaded the updated app so cant tell you if it would have worked with the earlier version.

I now have a fully working oven which I can thoroughly recommend to anyone.

what would be nice if you can do it, a spare output on ATMega8L to go high when cooling stage starts. I want to try drive a cooling fan.

I have fitted another Bluetooth HC06 from a different supplier.
Android control is the same, so not the Bluetooth unit.
I will try a android phone but cant do that until my girlfriend arrives next week.
in the meantime I will tyry to video operation so you can see what happens.

awreflow2-1s-update.apk side loaded into my android which is a IRULU x7.
not much different Andy, so maybe next I will get a replacement HC06 to make sure its not faulty.
I have attached photo of best run.
regards Barry
amended HEX file loaded and now works great ! also formatted bottom line temp no longer overlapping.
I will try the android app next
many thanks Barry
I now have a working power output that seems to follow and track a profile, the output is now nudging up correctly - so it seems to be a Bluetooth or android problem.

Good that it's following a profile, but there's something not right (see below code excerpt).

A few points noted when using display and switch operation:
1]   The oven will now reflow without manually preventing large overshoots; however the profile    seems to be different. I have no separate temp logging so cannot show you results but here    are so figures from display:

   0    to    90  secs   ramps up to 115c
   90    to    180 secs    holds at 115c
   180    to    216 secs    ramps to 195c
   216    to    240 secs   reflow with 220c max.

2]   Is the manual profile same as android use?

Yes, the same as the linear profile.

3]   Does the manual use default to Linear?

Linear is the only option for the embedded profile due to available space on the ATMega8. From ReflowRegion.cpp, values are { time, temperature }:

  const ReflowRegion LeadReflowRegions[6] PROGMEM = {
    { 90,150  },      // preheat
    { 180,180 },      // soak
    { 200,210 },      // ramp up
    { 220,210 },      // reflow
    { 240,180 },      // ramp down
    { 270,25  }       // cool down

It seems clear that either the display is not updating correctly or the algorithm isn't tracking the embedded profile. I will investigate this.

4]   There is no spline / linear selection using enc swich.

Correct (see above)

5]   When time display reaches 3 figures, demand temp display is over written.

Definitely a display bug. I'll take a look at that. The embedded profile hasn't seen nearly as much work as the Android interface as it's only really a fallback in the case of problems like those you are seeing with Android.

Using PID setting 10,1,0  the controller now tracks the displayed demand temp within a deg or so.

Sounds good. The best values for your setup will depend on your oven, insulation etc.

Many thanks for a great design, any comments would be great.

Aside from the issues you've found in the embedded profile, I'd like to continue to try to help get to the bottom of the Android problems that you're seeing. One thing that I can do is to slow down the update rate in case what I'm using is too fast for you. Currently the app will poll for the last temperature reading and/or set a new target temperature every 300ms and the firmware will poll the sensor for a new reading every 200ms. I will relax those two settings and produce a test build for you to try at the weekend.