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SMF - Just Installed!

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Andy I am about to order this Z820 motherboard it’s NEW and is HP's latest revision to the Z820 motherboard (708610-001, 618266-003). Compatible not only with the first generation E5-2600 XEON (Sandy Bridge) processors but also with the newer more efficient E5-2600 V2 XEON (Ivy Bridge) processors. (the url link below is to a picture of the new Z820 motherboard) 


Just though I’d check with you first before doing so and maybe I should purchase an HP Tower case to house it? Because it’s brand new and not cheap. 

I haven’t given up on the 02 motherboard yet because I am awaiting the arrival of a (Matched Pair Intel Quad Core Xeon E5520 2.26GHz 8M 5.86 CPU Socket 1366 SLBFD) and then hopefully I can start my build. I will try one CPU first and get it to post before trying the second. I will keep in touch and let you know how I get on

Click on small pic below Matched pair to resize, and you will see there’s just a little bit of heat sink past left on each and an over Celsius clean of same almost wiping out the particulars, still they were very cheap
None of the Z800 board revisions will support SATA drives above 2TB using the onboard SATA or SAS controllers. To support those very large drives of yours you would need to use an add-in card such as those sold by LSI or Adaptec; and you'd need to check their specs carefully to ensure that your 4TB drives will work

No problem Andy the 4TB WD Red’s are the upgrade for the 1TB or 2TB drives in the NAS Box weather it will run with the Z800 that’s another issue, im not to bothered now though because I have quite a few 1TB drives lead about the place and I think they should work. Seeing what you have just said on the subject. 

Which ports get pushed towards the centre? I don't quite understand that part. Do ensure that when you are making measurements that you do it with a PCIe card (any card) inserted into a slot and aligned to the side of the case where it must screw in because that's what determines where the motherboard will sit. I'm sure you did that, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Ok thanks Andy obviously my case is too small the Z800 board although it will fit in there, but the PCIe card lines up with say the third or fourth slot down not the first or second as it should, therefore to line up the Sound… USB ports… lands etc I would have to butcher the case because everything has move towards the middle, in fact im quite pleased it doesn’t fit… cause it save’s me a lot of bother from them indoors, im in the shed digging out some old 486 ATX full towers I should have something here that will work if not I’ll build a test bench for it.

If you can get hold of the official HP case then that will solve a lot of problems instantly but of course you will then have to use their power supply and make do with their drive bay limitations (it seems like you have a lot of hard disks).

Yes I do have quite a lot of gear probable more than average but then I have had a long time to accumulate it, I clear out two and a half small lorry loads back in summer now im wishing I hadn’t because there was definitely a case amongst that which would of done the job.

Anyway did you have a look at the picture on my imageshack website? That was the computer case I had in mind for the Z800 board… six of the internal hard drives would have gone back in the original case. Four WD_2TB and Two WD_3TBs the other two 3TB Seagate ST3000DM001 Barracuda 7200.14 SATA III 6GB/s 7200rpm 64MB Cache 8ms NCQ OEM in the front two drive bays has just been formatted as you can see by the screen pic shot. That’s the beauty of having push in Sata drive bays with no wires attached.

I have been browsing eBay for a suitable CPU and have found a few likely one’s all reasonably priced.

Question: will a six-core CPU work with the 02? Or do I have to stick with the Quad. I think the Intel Xeon E5520 2.26GHz/8MB/5.86GT/s SLBFD CPU Quad-Core, is recommended for our board. But I was hoping for something a little better like a Intel Xeon X5667 3.06Ghz 4C Quad Core HT 12MB L3 B1 LGA1366 Processor or (Intel Xeon W3530 2.80 GHz SLBKR 4-Core 8-T 130W TDP LGA1366 Processors = i7 930. I don’t know if this one will work?) But better still an Intel Xeon Six Core X5675 3.06GHz 12MB CPU Socket LGA 1366 â€" SLBYL.?
I have been checking out my tower case measurements it would be tight with 2 to 3 centimetres all round but what’s is upsetting is the ram at the top end, pushes all the ports at the back towards the centre, meaning I would have to cut a longer hole to access them, you might say what’s the problem well the darn thing is still under warranty I only bought it last year, and im under order not to mess with it because they all use the server through Wi-Fi. Who’s the boss here I ask myself lol… I got caught taking these pic’s, never mind I’ll buy myself a even bigger case most likely Hewlett Packard with a 1110W PS. And if I do that I might just as well go the whole hog and be done with it. Thought you might like to view a few of the pic's I took so here they are. 

If you are aloud to log into my other images up there no matter, they are only some old mod’s I done for Morrowind yonk’s ago and I made it user friendly so the forum could access them.

Andy I am beginning to have my doubts about this 02 board already the more I read the less I like regarding the Sata and Sata NAS onboard ports not being up for the job of running my high end high speed hard drives is it capable of running the specs below I think not… maybe I should go for the 03 motherboard now before I start, im not sure which CPU would be best for the 03 but I really do need to use the onboard NAS capabilities for my hard drives, is there anything better than the 03 go on quote me the best in this motherboard range and let me build it.

Technical Specification
Manufacturer:   Western Digital      Cache:   64MB
Capacity:   4000 GB      Access Time:   N/A
Edition:         Interface:   SATA III - 6Gb/s
Form Factor:   3.5"       Free-Fall Sensor:   No
Height:   26.1 mm       NCQ:   Yes
Rotation Speed:         Dimension:   101.6 x 26.1 x 147 (WxHxD mm)

Thanks Andy have down loaded all relevant pdf from ManualLib: will be going quiet for a bit.
Cya m8
Quote from: Andy Brown on December 07, 2014, 10:20:50 am

Hi and welcome to the forum. Are you planning to do a build with the Z800 motherboard? You mentioned that your CPUs are i7. They will not work in the Z800 motherboard - it's Xeons only for the Z800.


Hi Andy and thanks for the gen on my i7 CPU’s, zods there go’s dreaming. And they looked great in there too… I’m leaving them in place for now for safe keeping and showing off to on-lookers. Lol… You’ll never get that up and running they report, seems they are right with my CPU’s. But I’m not a quitter Ho-No... I am thinking about taking the easy way out with the PSU lead kit for neatness. Not that I couldn’t have modify the leads as you have done myself being an OAP and a Ex-Technician with a dab-hand at soldering.

Had a look at the URL: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.30.gZGz0F&id=40589333743&ns=1&abbucket=8#detail “What all in China txt” lol… 20 yen it was 18 yesterday… wish it would make its mind up its back to 18 again now

Thinking about sign up here: http://chinabuyagency.com/ 

Nice pic Marco: is there a need for the bottom fan over heatsink? Not really a question just idle thinking, one gets like that at my age.

So I have to get: Two Xeons CPU for Z800… power lead conversion kit… bios flash software… and I never did find the HP-Z800 service manual? Spent most of the time reading your topic Andy… and a right riveting read it was to enjoyed it immensely
I have to smash my working server to bits for case… sort out a way of fixing motherboard in same.

I’m guessing my 1600 DDR3s will not work either but never mind I have to put the server set back in its old case a Tsunami Dream: (Thermaltake cool all your life case) such a shame our motherboard is so massive there’s no way it will fit in that.

It has blue led’s surrounding the first front door with a second locking door behind it to get at the array of clip in 5.¼ DVD bays with two 1.44 floppy’s below… also a five bay swing round or take out cradle for the hard drives, I’ve had as many as seven Sata drive in this case two in the floppy bays and one in a spare 5.1/4 bay… that’s as many onboard Sata ports it has it could also have four IDE drives combination of either DVDs and hard drive in the 5.1/4 with one spare

The reason for changing this case at the time was my purchasing a 2gig PCIe graphic card which took over two slots at back and to secure cards this case has drop down plastic clips. Needless to say the second clip would not lock down and it looked untidy

Any advice as to where to get BIOS Flash software and HP service manual will be appreciated

Hi every one this is just a natter to introduces myself and to Andy nice read Re: Hacking the HP Z800 dual socket motherboard, I was browsing the web on the look out for a manual or User Guide for that very same board when I stumbled on your topic.
Like always I jump into things with both feet without thinking, what happened was I had on the shelve a couple of Intel i7 1366/950 chips sorry CPU 3.06_MHz and there on eBay was this very nice looking Motherboard and cheap I’ll have that? Yep you guessed it the very one you worked on Andy… lol ok so I have a case every much as big as yours with two large red fans at top, single large red one in front blowing in on drive bays similar to your own and it has two push in, clip in Sata bays at the front ideal for testing and formatting spear drives and super large fan on the side. An 850Watt power supply at bottom like yours, cable hides and alike on and off switch on top front like yours it has a reset and Intergraph switch all glowing red and array of four USB ports sound out mic and HHD led across top front, two DVD RW and alike below needless to say it cost a lot of coin as did the guts within stacked out 2.TB AND 3.TB Drives. A perfectly good working server and all I get is your not going to rip that apart are you dad, why not it’s my second rig I mean computer. lol