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February 20, 2020, 07:12:34 am


SMF - Just Installed!

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Thank you for the advice  ;)
But in fact, it's for CUDA computing, so no SLI is required  :)
I know it Marco, but I'm in a context to be pressed by time  :P
The HP Z800 was my first goal but finally when I see the barrier to have a full stable system... It's for my society, not for me, so...
I'm pretty sure that with a correct flash etc I have chance to work with my dual Xeon 5670 and my 48Gb ECC RAM, but the doubt is still here. And even cheap (I known it) the Xeon 55xx will take time to come. :/

As you said with the Supermicro MBD-X8DAH-F-B, there is no hack and the full price (inclu taxes and shipment) was 210â,¬, so cheap, and the same as HP Z800. Re-buy, re-sell, it's a "white operation" at the end  ;)

The board:

So... finally, if somebody is interested, I have a HP Z800 "like new" for sale, with a adaptor cable to use a standard ATX PSU  ;)

MP please for transaction

Thank you so much guys...  ;D

Indeed Marco, I just have found a Supermicro 1366 for a low price (even if it is higher than the Z800), which will be able to support 2x Xeon 5670 + 3x GTX780Ti...
Because first I don't have Xeon 55xx here to test and flash the BIOS and second, following what you said Marco about the "sometimes it boot, sometimes not" lol, I prefer to found a stable solution  :-\

So, I will keep you in touch for the evolution of the machine  ;)

Talk soon, thank you again!
Hello... I'm a french designer, 2 month ago I've discover the Andy Workshop forum and especially this thread.  :)

I was immediately interested because I was looking for a high performance workstation (computing CPU / GPU for 3D rendering) but with a "small" budget.
I invested in an HP Z800 #02 which the seller indicated what works for XEON X56xx.

So I bought :

2x X5670 + Fans
3x GTX 780 Ti
48GB of RAM
Enermax 1500W PSU with an adapter for Z800:

I tested with different configurations but nothing happens, the mainboard seems unwilling to start. I have no display, no sound, nothing. Only fans run ... What to do?
Does that could come from the BIOS is not actually flashed to date? Or too much watt from the PSU?

Thank you to help me!! I'm confused and I need to work quickly...
Talk soon