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Using SpeedFan to automatically control the Z800 CPU fans

Started by Andy Brown, March 26, 2016, 01:51:37 am

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Well, i still can control both CPU and the Ram-Fan with speedcontrol....


After hybernation-mode, speedfan doen not work properly (fanspeed does not change)
Also, when I quit speedfan and restart it again, i got a lot of errors, that the bus does not response properly.
Only thing that helps is to disconect the PC from its powersource. (Simply reboot does not work, mainboard does NOT start)

Thats boaring, because i also have the problem, that without speedfan, the internal fancontrol of z800 does not response to cpu-temperature. RPM are always the same (approx. 400 rpm, with speedfan on it matches to the temp between 400 and 1200 rpm)

Any idea?



* I can follow the instructions with speedfan to react to the cpu temperatures.
Urschnak, how do you control the memory fan, especially if it is independent?
* I have a basic problem, the memory fan is noisy and I don't quite need it with just 2 slots full on one side, the other side empty. Can I slow that down to minimum? Is it still controlled by the ADT7490?
I ran with the memory fan module removed for some time until I found this article. Speedfan sees a constant stream of messages on the bus when the module is removed, and the machine will pause while booting until pone presses f1. 'Slow but running' is likely better for me in the long run regardless.
there is a memory temperature in the bios, I am not sure if one of the numbers in speedfan actually shows the memory, that would let me pick a low number more scientifically, though they don't feel warm.
Machine is under constant fixed load in my use.

Thank you!


Found out by experimenting:
One can set
configure->advanced->ADT7490->pwm3 to manual
And then pwm3 setting controls the memory fan.
Since I have stable load I turned off auto control and tuned for low noise while keeping an eye on temperatures.
I can shut memory fan down, I chose to leave it at 10% (~300 rpm, which the program displays as fan 2 I believe). This was almost all my noise.

The second "pwn1" for me is the only cpu fan I have, I pegged that also. The cpu fan may need changing at some point, it seems that will take more work.
I had to repeat some of the settings after a reboot, I dont have to keep speedfan running otherwise with pegged values. Reboots are rare for me.

In summary Any's guide gave me a quiet stable setup, thank you!!