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Hi, everyone. I find HP Z420 V1 can modify bios for run Xeon E5 V2. Can I do it for Lenovo Thinkstation S30 and D30 ? Thanks.
Hardware projects / Re: Hacking an HP Z800 motherboard into a standard PC case
« Last post by cpudreamer on December 15, 2017, 03:43:09 pm »
Anyone tried to flash the onboard SAS controller to IT mode?

I have created a zip with the necessary files to flash the onboard 1068E to IT mode.

Just unzip this file to any DOS bootable usb and run hbaFlash.bat.
It will start a menu based flash process, you need to answer some questions:

Y - for backup
2 - for 3081 ( this is the same as LSI SAS1068E)
e - for pciexpress
t - for ti mode
6 - for B3 rev.( I bet all Z800 use the B3 rev. )
F - to confirm flash
Y - mismatch vendor id or product
Y - write IT over IR firmware

Or rather simply type: "sasflash -o -f  3081ETB3.fw -b mptsas.rom"
AFAIK, the mptsas rom is not really necessary ( I know it is troublesome with M1015 / PERCH200/300 9211-81 crossflashing ), unless you really want to boot off from a HDD connected to the onboard 1068E.

And it's done, now you have a total of 8 SAS ports working in HBA mode, or 14 SATA in HBA mode  ( 8 LSI1068E + 6 Intel AHCI ) 8)

Now you can play a bit with FreeNAS and lots of disks ;D

This is an impressive batch file. Im most curious about 6- for B3 Rev.  Is this going to take my Rev-002 board and make it a Rev-003 ?
If so i am full of glee ;D Let me know for certin.  id love to be able to pop in some X56xx Westimere chips in my bad boy 
So i purchased a z800 a few months back and its using the X5550 Zeon Chips. works fine, but of course id like to max it out for full performance.
Was reading other threads about the boot block upgrade, involving re-flashing the modified bios chip etc.
my question is do i need to do that now that im up to BIOS ver 3.60 in my z800 ?
Hardware projects / Re: Using SpeedFan to automatically control the Z800 CPU fans
« Last post by Urschnak on November 20, 2017, 06:14:57 am »
Well, i still can control both CPU and the Ram-Fan with speedcontrol....


After hybernation-mode, speedfan doen not work properly (fanspeed does not change)
Also, when I quit speedfan and restart it again, i got a lot of errors, that the bus does not response properly.
Only thing that helps is to disconect the PC from its powersource. (Simply reboot does not work, mainboard does NOT start)

Thats boaring, because i also have the problem, that without speedfan, the internal fancontrol of z800 does not response to cpu-temperature. RPM are always the same (approx. 400 rpm, with speedfan on it matches to the temp between 400 and 1200 rpm)

Any idea?


Hardware projects / Re: Hacking an HP Z800 motherboard into a standard PC case
« Last post by Urschnak on November 10, 2017, 11:25:56 am »

Does anybody know, how to regulate the fans: front, rear and ram with fanspeed?
The cpu-Fans work perfekt, but i can not get access to the other fans.

Thanks for help

General discussion / STM32F103C8T6 and 6300 lcd?
« Last post by optizyme on October 24, 2017, 02:17:55 pm »

As C8T6 does not have fsmc i have to use gpio for this (i guess) But i am terribly confused.
Andy could you give me some clue about it? How should i connect and modify the code?
Or should i start to write my own code from Atmel examples?
General discussion / Re: Process automation: accurate temperature sensing
« Last post by VirgilBo on October 08, 2017, 05:35:23 am »
Awesome article as per usual, Andy! Thanks for sharing.
General discussion / Arduino Pro Mini and Nokia 2730
« Last post by optizyme on October 02, 2017, 05:17:44 am »
Hi there,

I have Pro Mini 3v3 version and Nokia 2730. When reading the article, do i miss something? Because i could not find
development board and arduino mega connection and full source code. There is (i think) a library of arduino mega but
i am not sure if i can adapt to pro mini. If i could, should i use 5V version or 3V3 version?
I am very confused.
In short sentences, i would like to use 2730 screen with arduino pro mini.
Hardware projects / Re: Cinebench 15 Z800
« Last post by Urschnak on September 26, 2017, 01:29:30 pm »
Well, i got 1558cb with 2 x5690 (12 Cores, 24 Threads @ 3,46Ghz)
Hardware projects / Re: Hacking an HP Z800 motherboard into a standard PC case
« Last post by Urschnak on September 26, 2017, 01:26:35 pm »
Here's the final WIP, awaiting for review/P91 pinout confirmation.

I found the information you are looking for on page 8 in this thread:

Memory fan is from top left to right:

TACH, 12V, Ground

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