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Hi everyone, i've been following this post and forum (Thanks Andy!) to build my setup, I did almost two years ago, it's a modest build, -002 board, 2x E5540, 24GB RAM, Quadro 2000. Everything worked fine at first except for the PSU, I was using a Delta Electronics 1050W (DPS-1050CB A), it was defective and couldn't hold the current at first, so I had to turn my system on several times until it remained on, when it was working it was completely stable. This situation worked for about 6-7 months, until the PSU finally died, the 12V rails started to raise up to +12.5V and then turned off completely.

My system remained unusable until now when I was able to buy another PSU, this time a Delta Electronics 800W (TDPS-825AB), which I saw in the forum, someone was using and it worked great. The problem I have right now is, my system boots and works for some time and suddenly shutdowns, using or not using the CPU/GPU power, just happens randomly, I've discarded the PSU, also removed one set of CPU/RAM (swapped them too) and also tested with another basic GPU.

Finally I was testing with the PSU_ID signal, adding a small load, but after I removed it, a MOSFET (presumably) exploded. I wonder if anyone could let me know the part of this component (Q150) on the board -002. Also if anyone had a problem similar to this.

Also have to mention my board seems to be sulfated in some areas, which is weird, anyone had the board sulfated? I live in Venezuela, maybe is something related to the humidity in the air.


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