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Hi all, me again >.<. I try to put the cpu heatsink on, use 1 cpu e5520 to make sure old bios could handle this. I try many time to turn my system on but computer power supply shuts down after a few seconds and I have no idea why's that. Anyone could give me a suggestion for this trouble?

Thank all ^^

Hi Andy and everyone who love the way we hack z800.

From my last post, I try to use intel E5520 to boost in bios and hoping to upgrade for xeon x5650 but no avail.
I use dual power (800w and 650w) and mod cable as Andy's instruction. When I start, power is on, Video Card is on, but I couldn't boost in bios. Nothing on my screen. I just boost in bios 1 times, but system shut down after 2 minute.

@Andy: Do you have any idea for this problem?

HEre is my video:

Hi Andy, thank for your tutorial about hacking hp z800.

I have mod psu cable from 24pin to 18 pin and 10 pin and it work. But When i try to power it on, psu fan, cpu fan and vga fan have active in 1 second and turn down all. I have no idea why is that.
Do you have any idea about trouble ?
My config:
dual xeon x5650
800w psu of Gigabyte Odin,
Quadro 4000,
24gb ram.

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