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I've recently built a development board for the new STM32G081RBT6 MCU featuring the Cortex M0+ core.

Hello! And thank you for your videos, I'm a fan.

You mention in the video trying to get the ch340 to work on linux with the 9986 vendor ID.  I think there's two choices:

* add the IDs to /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/ch341-uart/new_id  (this will have to happen every time you boot)

* recompile the ch341 driver with the new vendor ID:  (this would have to happen every time you upgraded your kernel)

Quote from: Andy Brown
I have no idea how crystals are constructed but I do find it fascinating and it looks a bit like a tuning fork. Does anyone out there know what’s going on in there?

Crystals physically vibrate so the resemblance to a tuning fork is no accident.  There are different shapes used, and this cut is called the tuning fork shape.  "The chief application [of the tuning fork cut] is the 32.768 kHz RTC crystal" -

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