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I was planning to buy an M3 tap, but they had only an expensive set, then I remembered you wrote about the nuts and bolts... Much cheaper also.

For the memory cooling I have a spare 14 cm fan and want to put it next to the upper 3 drive slots, the 4th will be where the dvd goes. I know it fits, but not sure how to attach. Maybe some spare wires >:( The upper door can stay closed when idle and open when stressed. I have to say even then memory usage is quite low (about 5 GB of 24 installed under Linux), so I hope heating won't be much of a problem.

There might be some room for installing a cooler in the roof, I will check wence I'll put it together again. Though, I have a similar case,  Fractal Design R4, where the noise went up horribly when coolers are installed in the roof. For me that's a no go, since the whole point of this is to replace my noisy Z800 case.

This is how the motherboard fits in a Nanoxia DS5 case. First I made holes of 3 mm, then widened them to 4 mm. I used M3 nuts and bolts so there was a little space left for fitting the motherboard exactly. I used two M4 bolts as spacers between mobo and backplate.

It's not yet running, I have an issue with the main power cable. As soon as I connect it to the PSU it doesn't want to start anymore (that's the test fan option on the PSU). Currently I am kind of lost in the forest of wires (no colour coding), so there might be something wrong... I ordered these from China, but with a delivery time of up to 45 days further building is on hold...

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