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Z600 Bootblock
« on: October 01, 2019, 07:07:10 am »
Hello everyone,

while trying to install a pair X5675 in my old Z600 Workstation the Bios refused to boot. A single X5675 boots fine. According to the HP Quickspecs this processor should be supported. Currently, i assume it is related to my the old bootblock of my Z600 mainboard. I have managed to read the Bios EEPROM with CH341A by de-soldering the Vcc Pin as suggested in other threads for the Z800. By comparing this image to the image contained in the Bios update, i could see that several pages at the beginning of Bios update image just contained 0xFFs, so it is missing the bootblock.

So my questions is: has anyone in this forum with a Z600 Rev003 the possibility to dump the EEPROM and send me the image? Also hints where else i could find this image would be very welcome.

Best regards, Joe